Our Farmers Market product line comes from one essential, nature-made & God-grown product, namely the SOUTHERN BLACK WALNUTS. Many Southerners and Midwesterners know all about the WONDROUS WALNUT that grows on wild trees scattered through out the many counties and states along the East Coast. Our ancestors harvested these marvelous meals from wild nature, even during the hardest of times, such as the Great Depression and with a little work and patience, hammered out the tasty treats. Today we can use much better tools to release the “walnut wonders” than what our ancestors had access to and in so doing, enjoy them, perhaps even more than they did! They ate them without any added salts or flavors, but in our modern times of “wide varieties & many flavors” the Nuts can be enhanced with even more desired tastes. Yet, in the same old tradition of our pioneer ancestors who kept them in the shell, until they were ready to use them, because they are known to last quite long inside their shells, until needed. Thus, we offer our WALNUT WONDERS of Mountain Men made Southern Black Walnuts in the same old fashion way that our former ancestors did by the pound in 50 lb bags @ $1.00 per pound for 500 lbs or more. Compare our price to Hammon Nut Companies own 5 pound box of “cleaned in the shell” black walnuts for $4.00 per lb. We also have other walnut wonders products that are “Edible and Nonedibles”. For more information on all of our available WALNUT WONDERS products, feel free to check out our THE MARKET PAGE.